Charlotte NC HVAC Business Automation Systems

Energy Savings and Precise Climate Comfort

A Building Automation System can optimize comfort setting, and lighting while decreasing the overall runtime of your equipment, lowering total energy consumption. Temperature setpoints for individual zones combined with electronic sensors ensure precise delivery of climate control and lighting where and when it is desired. Control schemes saving energy include economizer modes utilizing outside air when suitable, chiller lockout on low ambient days, and unoccupied and night setback settings to adjust temperature setpoints when building occupancy is low. A Building Automation Systems morning warm-up includes a learning algorithm that allows for the system to optimize the time to reach Occupied setpoints, minimizing heating or cooling during unoccupied times of day.


Improved Reliability

Failure rates and downtime can be reduced with the installation of an automated building control system versus regular control systems. Automated alarm and event notifications can be setup and delivered via email, numeric pager, fax and/or cell phone, to promptly notify maintenance staff or building management if action is needed. The control system can rotate startups between devices, manage startups/shutdowns, optimize Morning warm-up timing, and otherwise extend the expected lifecycle of HVAC equipment while ensuring comfort for building occupants.


Centralized Control and Visibility

With ASI Controls systems purchased from Climate Control of Charlotte you can provide access to every aspect of your HVAC through a secure web browser interface from anywhere on the Internet. You can view and adjust set points, temperature, scheduling, or any devices under control. You decide who can login to the system and what level of access they should have.

You can provide building maintenance personnel with logins that can access the whole building along with built-in instructional videos, narratives and/or tutorials, grant tenants read-only views for their zones, while owner/operator logins get read-write access to all points on the network. The Building Control interface is tailored for each customer, allowing for ease of use and a customized look and feel in your interface.

Support for HTTPS/SSL plus 160-bit SHA-1 password encoding so your building information can be delivered to you using the Internet standard protocols for secure communications.


Monitoring and Diagnostics

The DDC system building controllers are self-diagnostic and can alert you to problems with the control system. User defined custom alarms alert the operator of temperature abnormalities, device failures, scheduled maintenance, and other noteworthy events in your HVAC system.


Open Protocol Communications

The OPC protocol can deliver compatibility between ASI Controls and OPC compliant equipment from other manufacturers.


ASI Controls – Reliability, Performance & Value

ASI Controls provides the Direct Digital Control (DDC) hardware and software for complete building control systems in any setting, with a track record of reliable performance.

ASI Controls authorized resellers have installed ASI control systems in several award winning facilities, including BOMA Building of the Year winners, and 1 of the 3 global finalists for the 2005 ICF Intelligent Facility of the Year. Other applications cover a wide range, including control of large shopping malls, refrigeration racks, bourbon aging warehouses, plant nursery irrigation schedules and small equipment shelters, and integrated facility management.

ASI Controls provides flexibility to cost-effectively meet control needs in almost any setting.